Eating Pegan | Instant Pot Steamed Artichokes

Instant Pot Steamed Artichokes

1 cup water
3 cloves garlic
1 bay leaf
2-4 fresh large artichokes, trimmed (here’s a quick video for how to trim artichokes)
1 fresh lemon wedge
dipping sauce (see options below)

  • Pour the water, garlic cloves and bay leaf into your Instant Pot, and place the steamer basket on the bottom of the pot.
  • Rub the lemon wedge all over the outside of the trimmed artichokes. (This helps add flavor and prevent browning/oxidizing.) Place the artichokes in a single layer on top of the steamer basket, and toss the lemon wedge in the water below. Close lid securely and set the vent to “Sealing”.
  • Press “Manual”, then press “Pressure” until the light on “High Pressure” lights up, then adjust the +/- buttons until time reads 10 minutes*. Cook. Then very carefully, turn the vent to “Venting” for quick release, and wait until all of the steam has released and the valve has dropped. Remove the lid.
  • etc
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  • For Full Instruction:

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